Announcement of the masterclasses 2019 – Artistic Direction

The team of the “International Kalamata Music Days” announces the dates of the masterclasses of this year’s festival. Those are: 3rd to 8th July 2019 (Vocal and Stage Performance Masterclass with countertenor Aris Christofellis and stage director Panagiotis Adam) and 10th to 18th July 2019 (Violin Masterclass with Felix Froschhammer, Violoncello Masterclass with Indira Rahmatulla and Piano Masterclass with Alexia Mouza).

Our platform is open for applications from now on.

The full concert program together with the plan of the musicological seminars are going to be announced very soon.

At this point our festival would also like to announce our team member, festival co-founder and friend Indira Rahmatulla as our festival’s Artistic Director. Her statement:

I am very excited to become the artistic director of the “International Kalamata Music Days”. I believe that we can continue developing our skills and make our vision come true with our wonderful team by welcoming the variety of the performances by the inspiring talents and working together with the young generation of musicians through the masterclasses.

Our mission in this festival is to provide the best quality of artistic experience to our public through the exchange of music and other forms of performance practice and the extensive work that we do together during the days of the festival.

Having witnessed the start of the festival from the beginning and experiencing an immense growth each year fills me with a great joy and strong hope for the bright future.

I encourage everyone who has a chance to come and join us for any of our activities throughout the festival to be inspired, learn and grow together.

Indira Rahmatulla


Stay tuned,

the team of the “International Kalamata Music Days”