Search for graphic designer

The International Kalamata Music Days festival is searching for a graphic designer to take charge of our festival’s graphic design for the summer of 2020. Our search is targeted towards young graphic designers who are also interested in creative and artistic life. A close collaboration with the festival’s organizing team is essential and, at the same time, a fresh artistic look and perspective are highly desirable. A good partnership can continue in the future in terms of joining our team. Our festival can clearly be a way of promoting a good work internationally.

The stay in Kalamata is not necessary. Knowledge of English is essential and of Greek desirable.

Fee 1,000 €

What we are asking for:

  • 3 posters for the international masterclasses 2020 (in a Greek and an English version): (a) Vocal and Stage Performance Masterclass, (b) Instrumental Masterclasses and (c) “Strings in Motion” Academy (submission January 2020)
  • 3 flyers with information about those masterclasses (in a Greek and an English version) (submission January 2020)
  • Main poster of the festival (in a Greek and an English version, could also be bilingual), which must be designed also as a banner (83×200 cm) and as a giant poster for the facade of Kalamata’s Dance Megaron (submission April 2020)
  • 1 banner (83×200) with the logos of the festival’s sponsor and supporters (submission May 2020)
  • 1 banner (100×250) with the programme of the festival (submission May 2020)
  • 1 giant poster for the entrance of Kalamata’s Dance Megaron (280×372 cm) with the programme of the festival (submission May 2020)
  • 1 bilingual booklet with the programme, information, biographies, parallel events etc., dimensions 14,5×21 cm, max 106 pages (submission May 2020) and
  • Material based on the above work for the Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

If you are interested, send us a CV and samples of your work at info@kalamatamusicdays.com and we will send you material for a draft of the poster for the Instrumental Masterclasses 2020.


Deadline for all incoming drafts: November 15, 2019!


Yours sincerely,

The festival’s team


P.S.: We are also searching for a web designer. One person, if capable, can undertake both (graphic design and web design). More information here.