International Kalamata Music Days – A Report by Riccardo Vaglini

I was invited to the International Kalamata Music Days 2019, as founder of the Venetian group Collettivo Rituale, to hold a workshop and some site-specific performances entitled Insubordinations, based on Fluxus artistic experience. In the four days of residence, however, I also had the opportunity to attend some shows scheduled at the festival, namely: a concert dedicated to Russian composition for cello and piano, a concert of masterclasses students, and an original concert-show that alternated pieces by authors linked in some way to wine with tasting of typical wines of the Kalamata region.

I was impressed by the skill of the two soloists Angelos Liakakis and Titos Gouvelis dealing with masterpieces by Myaskovsky, Schnittke and Shostakovich, but also by the high level of some masterclass students.

As far as my experience is concerned, I can assure that, although the Fluxus repertoire is generally more welcoming in the visual art world, I found in Kalamata, thanks to the open mind of the composer and co-founder of the festival Stathis Giftakis, an atmosphere of curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire for active participation in the performances.

Riccardo Vaglini, composer


During the 3rd International Kalamata Music Days, Riccardo Vaglini held the workshop “Insubordinations” from July 11 until July 14, 2019.


Riccardo Vaglini during the workshop “Insubordinations” (11.07.2019) © Angel Sifontes & International Kalamata Music Days